Second Shooter Information




I am available to second shoot in about a 100 mile radius from DC.  I have three Nikon cameras, 2-full frame and 1-crop. I shoot in RAW, manual, aperture, and shutter priority; whatever I need to use get the image I want. I photograph for technical accuracy first in a combination of photo-journalistic and classic portraits.


I photographed weddings part-time from 2007 to 2013.  I was an associate photographer for George Street 2014-2016 where I shot 25 weddings. I need about 2 weeks notice for assignments. I will second shoot during any part of the wedding day. I am comfortable photographing the groomsmen on my own. I look for natural light first and use flash when it is required, I am extremely proficient with both. I will provide assistance during group portraits but I do not hire to be only an assistant, equipment carrier, or film- roller. I will make sure you are hydrated and fed. I do not smoke.



My fee is $50/hour minimum 6 hours


MY EQUIPMENT (as of 2017)

Equipment insurance through The Hartford

2-fully insured reliable vehicles

2-Nikon D810 (3 years old and less than 1 year as of 2017)

Nikon D90 (backup 9 years old as of 2017)

Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8

Sigma 105mm macro

Nikon 35mm

Nikon 20mm

Nikon 24-120mm f/4

Sigma 85mm

Sigma 50mm

Nikon Fisheye

Nikon 17-105mm                     

2-YN speedlights

2-Nikon SB600 speedlights

Portable octo-softbox silver lining

Gray card

Light meter

Several dozen rechargeable batteries

Several camera batteries




Payment is expected on the day of the wedding to cover travel expenses, I take PayPal. I have never no-showed, cancelled at the last minute, or ghosted on another photographer.


I will not sign over copyright of my images; I expect full credit on blogs and published work as a second photographer. I do this for my second's, it's only fair.


My cameras produce 70-80 MB RAW flies, 20-40 MB high res JPEG files. They have 2 memory card slots (1 SD and 1 CF). I shoot with two 256 GB memory cards and set the camera to save a duplicate copy of files on the CF card. I have 2 identical copies of the RAW files in case one card fails. 


Image Delivery: I will shoot on my memory cards, download a copy of the RAW files to a thumb drive and mail them to you Monday following the wedding OR shoot a duplicate copy on your CF card (must be a 256 GB card), OR upload unedited RAW or high res JPEGS to Dropbox or the like. This system has worked for all of the weddings I have second shot.


I will not use any images from the wedding for 6 months, I will not submit any images for publication, I will not tag or contact the coupe or couples friends and family. I will use some images for marketing and promotion or if a vendor asks for images from the wedding. I will only work as an independent contractor to you business.



SOMD, NOVA (inside belt loop area)

Hourly fee + No travel fee


Inside DC, Old Town  Alexandria

Hourly fee +  $25 travel fee


Baltimore to Delaware state line area

Hourly fee +  $50 travel fee


Outside of 495 belt loop to WV and PA state line

Hourly fee + $250 travel fee


Eastern Shore MD and Delaware

Hourly fee + $75 travel fee if coverage ends before 7pm and travel time is less than 3 hours

Hourly fee + $150 travel fee if coverage ends after 7pm


Richmond and Williamsburg, VA area

Hourly fee +  $150 travel fee


Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach area

Hourly fee + $250 travel fee

Philadelphia and north

Hourly fee + travel fee TBD


South of Virginia Beach

Hourly fee + travel fee TBD


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