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How do you pick a photographer?

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How do you pick a photographer? Do they have a business website or just a Facebook page? Professionals will have a website with a portfolio, amateurs photographers will generally stick to the free options of Facebook or Instagram. Do you like the photos in their portfolio? If you don't like the photos chances are you will not like your photos either, so don't choose a photographer because they are a deal or cheap. If the portfolio consists just of outdoor settings, seated or standing chances are this is the photographers comfort area. Pay attention to the outfits, location, hair and makeup. If the majority of their work is outside in natural light then your session will most likely be early in the morning just after sunrise or late afternoon just before sunset. That means getting up before the crack of dawn, getting, dressed, doing your own hair and makeup, getting your family ready, and driving to the location. If their models or customers look amazing, have amazing dresses and accessories, chances are the photographer has a professional hair and makeup team and offers wardrobe styling and might have a studio wardrobe for their clients to use. What happens if the weather is bad on the day of your session? Can your photographer move the shoot indoors to a studio or make you reschedule your session all together? You don't need a full, professional studio to shoot indoors but your photographer needs to know how to use natural light indoors or have artificial light. A professional photographer doesn't just show up with a camera and take pictures. They ask questions and offer an experience. What kind of photoshoot would you like to have? Getting up before dawn, spending hours on your hair and makeup then only having an hour with your photographer before the light isn’t good. That’s if the weather is good that day. Or getting up at a normal time, bringing all your outfits to the studio, relaxing for the first hour while you have your hair and makeup professionally applied, poring over our outfits with the photographer to decide which ones will be amazing for you, getting to see the amazing accessories and dress your photographer made just for you, then having a fabulous photoshoot? If you want to experience a 1photoshoot with my team call today 618.659.4876 MD | DC | VA. 

Free Akins PhotographyFree Akins PhotographyFree Akins Photography Free Akins PhotographyFree Akins Photography Free Akins PhotographyFree Akins PhotographyFree Akins Photography Free Akins PhotographyFree Akins PhotographyFree Akins Photography



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