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Had a Bad Day

January 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Today’s blog is personal, no photos. I have been building my career as I have been taught. Graduate, go to college, get a degree, make money, be successful. I diverged a tad, I went to college then decided I needed to be independent of everyone first and the way I did it was joining the Air Force. Military life was an eight year long journey in how to be an idiot, drink too much, and still know your shit with a hangover enough to impress a 3-star general. I left the military with a lot of good stories, a few friends, and an associate’s degree. I’ve tried very hard to be successful, I don’t like being poor, but seem to always fall short. We moved from the Illinois side of St. Louis 4 years ago to start my dream job and failed. The job wasn’t as described, the location changed, the manager was horrible, and basically became my nightmare. I quit my dream job after 16 months for high paying lucrative contract work. Again, not as advertised and a fair amount of mental illness – holy smokes what is wrong with people in DC? Next contract job was a piece of heaven that lasted 2.5 years - until last month when I stepped in it big time. I made the mistake of angering a government person, who on the surface, looked normal, seemed nice, said hi and asked me how I was. Yeah, until I touched her stuff. To be specific the blinds behind her desk. She lost her mind. It goes like this, when the sun comes up in the morning it comes through the window and lands on my desk blinding me for about 30 minutes. Like when you’re driving and bam suns in your eyes and you almost wreck – that bad. So I say “Hey can I close these for a few? The suns in my eyes?” Well the nice lady’s med must have worn off because all of a sudden it was crazy eyes and how dare you touch what’s mine? Um but this is a government office and the blinds are government property and….that was all I got out when I was basically accused of stealing baby Jesus and yelled at in front of the entire room of my coworkers. I walked away and let it go. Apparently, not so much for her, the insult put a target on my ass. Not because I was a bad employee, not because I wasn’t competent and couldn’t do my job, not because I was there every morning before 6am. No, because I touched her stuff, now I know is something most other people were aware of. My boss, who is a retired government person from the same agency I worked at and from the same division, puts the care and feeding of the customer first above the contractors that work for him. I’ve heard the stories, contractors have a target on them, make the customer mad and you’re out, and well I thought this was for major transgressions not asking to close the blinds. A week ago I was informed that my comings and goings were being watched and she went straight to my boss and cried I was “let go”. I was a model employee, the week before I received a performance bonus that was double that of the year before, my review was positive. The lesson for today life is not fair, working for other people sucks, people in DC are crazy, I just don’t know how to mentally categorize and get rid of this kind of thing. When I did everything right and still get the boot.


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